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Booking Process

Here you can pre-book for the next Taboe Tango Camp 5-11 July.


Due to corona - you can make your reservations without any obligation or payment. 


As soon as we decide to make the camp happen on the scheduled days or maybe a bit later, we will inform you and you are then free to decide whether you want to join or not.


If you decide to join, we will confirm your booking and our cancellation conditions will apply. We always advice to consider arranging a travel- or cancellation insurance.

You only can book only the full period. When you need a different arrangement, please contact us.


For single followers we often have a waiting list. Be patient, mostly we clear the list the last week(s) before the camp. You can book as ’Double Role’ when you lead 50% in workshops and milongas. We limit the ’Double Role’ spots in order to balance man-women.

Taboe Camp Booking
Taboe Tango Summer Camp
Reserve your spot without any obligation or payment.
Later we can decide the make the camp happen the scheduled dates or maybe a few weeks later.
Pre-book for your self and your partner if you have one   Me My partner
Dormitory max 4/5 persons & food  € € 585,-
Tent & food  € € 585,-
Camper van & food  € € 585,-
Dormitory 8 (max) persons & food  € € 530,-
Dormitory 2 persons & food (only for couples) - reserve list at the moment  € € 675,-
Food only, no bed  € € 515,-
Bed only, no food  € € 515,-
No bed, no food  € € 445,-
Extra options
Bedding (duvet & sheets, no towels)  € € 18,-
Children per day food & bed:
name, gender, age (35,- day)
 € € 35,-
Extra’s on Saturday 4 July
Pre Camp Milonga with Roulotte Tango (Fr)  € € 19,-
Bed & Breakfast 4 July  € € 25,-
Pre Camp Seminar with Candela & Rodrigo 5 July
Pre Camp Seminar  € € 80,-
Additional information
MeMy partner 
First Name
Last name
Photo of yourself
(to share with the participants)
First time at the camp  
I search/offer a ride or travel companion  
I or my partner has a medical issue  
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