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Every camp has a central theme as a focus and inspiration to the teachers and the participants.

We had many inspiring themes such as: Music - Stillness - Contact -Contrast - Space- Time - Creativity - Intimacy - Dare- Trust - Play - Pure - Imagine - Change - Balance - Intention.

Camp program overview
  • afternoon cafes & evening milongas - more or less traditional as we like diversity 
  • 12+ tango teachers with creative, refreshing approach
  • choice between 15+ tango classes a day. Free choice of lessons+partners
  • nourishing, relaxing, playful extra classes: yoga, feldenkrais, contango etc.
  • gatherings to meet all together & share (new) experiences
  • tango games, rituals & surprises, lake milonga (in the summer)
  • a sparkle of magic
  • private sessions: tango, massage, shiatsu etc.

See here the last winter camp daily schedule, all workshops titles and workshop schedule.

The music
Camp workshops

At the camp we offer 12 to 15 workshops a day for you free to choose. We ask the teachers to be inspired by the camp theme. This way we get often the most refreshing or magical workshops. We really want the camp to be a social event. So we encourage you to take classes and dance with many different partners. Teachers will invite you to swap partners at the workshops, but only if you like.


We will help you to find partners during the day and evening. We even have a wall with photos of each participant so you easily can identify partners you are looking for.

Camp gatherings
Private classes
Summer Lake Milonga
Bodywork & massage

A great start & finish of the day with stretching, relaxing, nourishing and softening yoga, contactimpro, Feldenkrais etc. classes.

Siatsu treatments are offered by Sacha Jeffay (UK) and diverse combined treatments by Réka Horosz (HU). 


You can book a session in advance by sending Sacha or Réka an email.