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Before booking please reed and agree our Cancellation Conditions.

If the event has to be cancelled (due to Covid) no worries for you. We will reimburse your full payment, unless you wish to support us and the teachers with a donation. For that we would be grateful.


New Covid Cancellation Conditions

We are offering these new and advantageous cancellation conditions in case you get Covid just before or during the Camp.
Quite a few people expressed their doubts and concers as they would loose all their money if they have covid.That’s why we decided to change our conditions and you get most of your money back if:


1. You get covid short before the camp (within 10 days before the start) we refund your payment and only keep € 175,- with this we can cover the bigger part of the the costs we already made. 

2. If you test positive during the camp we will refund € 75,- for each day you are missing.


How can we check you really have covid? We will ask you to do a test while we are having a video call.

In case we need to change entry conditions such as daily self-testing, we expect you to conform and cooperate with us.

Taboe Camp Booking
All prices per person   Me My partner
Dormitory max 4/5 persons & food  € 575
Tent & food  € 575
Camper van & food  € 575
Dormitory 8 (max) persons & food  € 515
Food only, no bed  € 500
Bed only, no food  € 500
No bed, no food  € 410

Extra options
Bedding (duvet & sheets, no towels)  € 20
Children per day food & bed:
name, gender, age (35,- day)
 € 40
Bed & Breakfast 26 Dec for early arrivers  € 35
Pre Camp Seminar with Natalia & Agustin 27 Dec
Pre Camp Seminar  € 85

Additional information
MeMy partner 
First Name
Last name
Photo of yourself
(to share with the participants)
(only male double roles accepted)
First time at the camp  
I search/offer a ride or travel companion  
I or my partner has a medical issue  
Add us to your mailing list  
I accept the Covid Policy and cancellation conditions as listed above