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Private Classes

Sometimes it is difficult to learn new techniques or to enjoy the dance, because of problems with posture or basic techniques. A private class can really make a difference here. You will work together intensely with one teacher and learn a lot in a short time.
We also can investigate special topics, such as: ’dancing to the music’; ’freedom in leading and following’; ’dancing without effort’; ’connection with yourself and the other’.
Both Paras and Paul offer private classes at both leaders and followers, single or as couple. We always ask you what you want from the private class and will stimulate you to practice.
Next to incidental private classes we, also offer longer series of classes, Tango Coaching, to help you really develop your dancing and take it to the next level.


Contact us to discuss the available options.

Prices and Conditions

Prices per person 
Single lesson: € 55,- 
Series of 3 lessons: € 150,- 
Series of 6 lessons: € 270,- 

Prices per couple 
Single lesson: € 65,- 
Series of 3 lessons: € 180,- 
Series of 6 lessons: € 330,- 

Prices two couples 
Single lesson: € 85,- 
Series of 3 lessons: € 215,- 
Series of 6 lessons: € 395,-