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Paras & Paul

Paras Saghi and Paul Vossen are teaching tango internationally since 2004. They are well known as the organisers of the Taboe Tango Camps. Their ’beyond technique’ tango approach makes them as teachers quite unique. They can take the group with ease onto a magic journey, where everybody finds a few hidden treasures to bring home.

Alicja Mikolajczyk

My dance&music affection comes from my very childhood years. I had been born into musician family where grandfather playing accordeon, father drummer rapping out rhythms on all possible pieces of furniture and mother choreographer taking me to work belonged to my daily routine. For some time i hadn’t had other choice than to like it ;) but then I found myself surprised how much it imprinted on me – while being at university I hadn’t clearly known what I had been actually doing more: studying german or dancing? And then it all happened: 5 years at Lodz Jazz Theatre, choreographical course with contemporary dance specialisation, Lodz Physical Dance Theatre and spontaneous contact improvisation festivals at Ibiza…where I’d also got in touch with tango. From that point on my life has started being a constant search for tango experiences, eventually including moving to Berlin.
And here I am now, living my dreams, as dancer, teacher and tdj.
What keeps drawing me to tango again and again is the nonverbal communication, intensity and harmony of connection you would hardly find in any other dance. When teaching I focus on expending body awareness, encouraging people to breathe, feel their bodies as well as going beyond their movement patterns. Being enthusiast of active following concept I pay much attention to expression and sense of musicality also as follower’s skill.

Some inspiration:

Malachai Payne
Michael Watson