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Paras & Paul

Paras and Paul are teaching tango since nearly two decades.

Based in the Netherlands, they were teaching in many tango-events in Germany, United Kingdom, Poland & Italy. 

They are now only focussing on multi-days events, because they love have time to bring people to a magic journey  where everyone finds a hidden treasures to bring home. 

Their unconventional approach tantric-tango workshops, beyond tango gatherings and many selfmade tango-games makes them as teachers & creators quite unique.

"We love to gather with tango-nomads in the nature and live like in a real (tango) village for a while. Our aim is to create a beautiful ‘energyfield‘ where people can feel at ease, open and connected. Besides all the dancing & learning, we encourage people to connect, interact different ways on unusual & suprising ways always light, gentle, honest and playful because we find it essential that we become a warm, inclusive and supportive group everyone feels at home."

Living Doll performance in Ruigrok Amsterdam
Spontaneous performance in Flores Mannheim
Phantastango performance on live music


Aneta Orlik

Aneta is a young Polish dancer, teacher, dj.

She is graduated National Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts in Krakow, and this background as an actress, contemporary dancer practising many different dance styles and bodywork techniques enabled her to build a solid base for tango, which became her biggest passion.

What she loves most about tango is the infinity of possibilities to express oneself in music.

She is living & teaching in Munich.

Michael Watson