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Booking Process

When you book here, we will send a confirmation email with payment details within a few days. Please contact us when you do not receive this confirmation. We might have landed in your spam box.

You only can book only the full period. When you need a different arrangement, please contact us.


For single followers we often have a waiting list. Be patient, mostly we clear the list the last week(s) before the event. You can book as ’Double Role’ when you lead 50% in workshops and milongas. We limit the ’Double Role’ spots in order to balance man-women.


When you book you accept our cancellation conditions and our disclaimer.


We put a lot of effort and book for you food, teachers etc. So we make costs and will charge in case of cancellation. If you are not 100% sure , we advise you to buy a ‘Cancellation Insurance‘ to cover costs when you have to cancel.

Booking form Taboe2Be 09 - 13 April 2020
Pre Booking Taboe2Be
09 - 13 April 2020
  Me My partner (if you have one)
Program  € 280
Food  € 130
Additional information
MeMy partner 
First Name
Last Name
I look for/offer a ride or travel companion  
My partner or I have a medical issue  
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