Lydia Muller

Lydia Muller is a professionally trained contemporary dancer next to tango and contact improvisation. She is specialiced in the fusion of Argentinean tango with contemporary dance and contact improvisation. 

She studied tango with Jorge "El Pardo" Vieyra, Claudio & Melina, Gustavo Naveira and Cuello and Dana Frigoli among others. She was teaching and performing at many festivals and milongas in Argentina, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Venezuela and Mexico.

Her work as a teachers is all about intimacy, connection and freedom. Lydia loves to guide participants to a deeper trust, to open up and  connect with the free and playful state present in each of us.

She is also offering 

Somatic Massage. Through conscious touch you make a journey to become more connected and aware ofyour body, let go of tension and relax into a deeper state of body and mind. To pre-book sessions: lydiamul@gmail.com

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