Rodrigo Fonti

We are very happy that Rodrigo join our teachers team for the 1st time! He is an inspiring and creative teacher, a nice guy and a great dancer from Argentina.

Rodrigo studied both contemporary dance and tango and performed in theater productions "Kambras", ‘El sonido de la caricias’, ‘Cram’ ‘No bailaras’, ‘Sin pecado consebido’ with which he toured a lot in Europe. 

His deep knowledge and exploration of tango and modern dance led him to dance a fresh and unique blend of traditional and modern tango. With his unique style he was recognised and invited to many tango festivals around the world. 

When teaching he provides many tools which help to find a ‘meaning’ of your movement and your personal style which is comfortable, free and connected. 

He helps his students to learn to ‘own’ their dance fully and to experience more those unique and magical tango moments which inspires us to continue dancing.

Wherever I go, I give. People feel it and respond to it. Wherever I go, I teach. Not to dance like me, but to dance your tango, the best you can. My style and I are always growing and changing. This journey never endsEnd there is so much more to explore. Let"s discover more together!“

Candela & Rodrigo Festival de Colmar Tango

Rodrigo & Majo Krakus Aires Festival

Rodrigo & Majo Vienna