Candela Ramos

Candela gave her first dance"s steps in a ballet barre with 6 years old and passing through Ballet, Modern dance, Jazz, Contemporary jazz, Yoga, Argentinian Folklore and many techniques of Contemporary Dance. 

She arrived to the "Tango world" at the age of 15. She was part of the DNI Tango Studio teachers team and performing in the DNI Theater Company. 
At the age of 21 she moved to Europe to teach tango and was soon

invited to teach in many countries Germany, Poland, Italy, Holland, Russia, France and Spain.

Candela is fascinated in being in the dancing body which is using it’s natural potentials and qualities and respecting it’s borders.Her research led her to explore different somatic techniques and approaches. She studied anatomy, physics, physiology and biomechanics among other sciences.Her most influencial movement method: "Axis Syllabus" the one that  she is researching for many years now. his specific focus for alignment brought her freedom into improvisation as well as adaptability to deal with different dancers styles. 

Her dancing and teaching emerges from this long and deep exploration.


Candela & Rodrigo on Festival de Colmar

Winter Tango Challenge, Lanckorona 2017, Candela & Adrian

Adrian Luppi y Candela Ramos Milonga "Emotion à "l"Atelier - Colmar

Candela Ramos & Adrian Luppi Magia Tanga Brzeg 2017

Winter Tango Challenge, Lanckorona 2018, Candela & Tymoteusz

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