Mira van de Griendt & Lucas Malec

Mira van de Griendt

Mira runs her Tango School MiraTango, offering classes in several Dutch cities. After classical and jazz ballet, street dance, aikido and salsa, Mira came in contact with Argentinian Tango through her father. Since 2006 she teaches throughout the Netherlands (of which for years mainly in Nijmegen, Tilburg, Zoetermeer, Amsterdam and Culemborg). She teaches with various teachers such as Roberto Rizzo, Lucas Malec, Santiago Onel, Yerpun Castro, Robert Madrigal, Esther Heitzer and Karel Bredenhorst, but she also only teaches workshops such as Lady’s Technic, Lady’s Styling and private lessons.

As part of her tango discovery journey, she is looking for musicality, expression, technology, dialogue, the encounter with other countries and cultures and an embrace that continues to develop.


Lucas Malec 

Lucas is from Buenos Aires and started his career as professional jazz- and tango musician on the saxophone. He is a master composer. Now he is in tango all the way, as musician, dancer and Dj mainly in the Netherlands and in Argentina.

He runs the Tinta Roja milonga in Amsterdam.


Mira & Lucas in Milonga La Cantina - "Ahora No Me Conocès"O.Pugliese

Mira & Lucas in Zoetermeer – “Asi Se Baila El Tango”