Adeline Ireland

Adeline"s dance experience began with a decade of jazz dance and aerobics, which led to her first teaching experiences. In 2002, she found argentine tango and was fascinated by the degree of awareness necessary for tango"s intensity of connection. Adeline started teaching tango during her time at Humboldt University in Berlin, where she received her Masters in Gender Studies and Pedagogy.

Her desire to enhance her effectiveness in teaching tango motivated her to pursue graduate studies in dance pedagogics. Upon completing her dance teaching credential, she immediately migrated to Buenos Aires to study and teach tango.

After touring for several years through the States and Europe she returned to Berlin and began work as a full-time tango instructor in Berlin"s three largest Tango schools (TTMS, Nou, Mala Junta). She worked with a great variety of colleagues which fostered an openness for different techniques and styles.

Adeline is - besides a tango teacher - also qualified in more styles of yoga. She will also offer in the morning "Yin Yoga" body work classes. Yin yoga is based on relaxing the body and mind with gentle streching exercises. In these classes we will do exercises chosen especially to support our tango-body. We will balance stretching and strengthening to get strong and stable without loosing qualities like smoothness or elasticity. Focus will be balance and the mobilisation/rotation of the spine - two main qualities for tango. Bring comfortable clothes and either a thick yoga mat or 2 thin ones.

Some impressions:
Adeline with Alejandro
Adeline with Korey
Adeline and Rudy on Tango Tanzen Macht Schön in Berlin