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Milonga with a twist - Dance with a smile
Mystery dance partners, playful intermezzo, free swing tanda and finishing touch!

Taboe Milonga Dates - every time on Saturday
Data 2017: 2 September, 7 October, 4 November, 2 December
Data 2018 6 January, 3 February, 3 March, 7 April, 5 May, 9 June, 30 June

Milonga Saturday 2 September 20:00
Let's dance! We have an extra long night, as it starts at 20:00 this month!!! DJ Paras will take care for a good mix of the most beautiful old and new tangos spiced up with some musical & dancing cambio specials!

There is no workshop before the milonga this time, just come to dance directly!

Time: 20:30 - 12:45 milonga, dj Paras, € 8,50
Location:Musketon Theater, Hondsrug 19, 3524 BP Utrecht, free parking

Taboe is the first and longest running alternative monthly milonga in the Netherlands. It exists since 2002. Taboe is an inviting and warm 'tango-home', where the new tango dancers feel just as welcome as the highly skilled. Taboe is cherishing a diversity in music and dance styles. These aspects are very important us for a caring, evolving and innovative tango community. Our classic Taboe-games such as the blind-speed-date and fast exchange-tandas are designed to enable to introduce new dancers to each other and lighten up the milonga by these short surprise meetings.

Theater hall Musketon

The large Musketon hall with a more then perfect dance floor.

A great hall with perfect wooden floor.
Our aim is to create an atmosphere where everybody feels at home, open, connected and free at the same time, so there will be many magical moments ... because that's the reason we come to a milonga to dance, isn't it?
As MAGIC mostly happens outside of our COMFORT zone, we'd like to tickle with a few new Taboe Specials such as blind cambio's.